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A warm welcome at Islamabad

January 16, 2011 1 comment

Innocent Pakistani student who was earlier falsely accused in Chile and later exonerated of the baseless charges, arrived in Islamabad on 16th of January, 2011. Saif was greeted with flower petals at the Islamabad airport. A large number of friends and well wishers greeted and welcomed him to his homeland.

Speaking to the media, Saif thanked all those who supported him directly and indirectly. He specially thanked the Chilean Senator Navarro for his valuable support throughout his stay in Chile.

This closes a chapter in the life of a wonderful brave person who endured through the most trying times of his life. A lesson that every Pakistani can learn from this debacle is to value freedom, stand for truth and justice and never deter from saying the truth. In addition, it also sets an example for the peace loving, law-abiding Pakistanis all over the world that they would stand united and never allow themselves to be treated like lesser human beings.

After Almighty God, a special thanks to all the friends and supporters of Saif Khan in Chile, Pakistan and around the world who stood by him and made possible the unthinkable. The coalition of support of Saif congratulates Saif and his family for their will and determination to stand up for what was right. Pakistani nation is NOT for sale! Victory of truth always! Alhamdulilah.


Saif visits the Chilean Congress

December 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Saif Khan met MPs at the upper house of Chilean Congress. It was announced at the Human Rights Commission at the Chamber of Deputies on Tuesday, December 14th, 2010 that the Interior Minister, Rodrigo Hinzpeter is deliberately not sorting out Saif’s immigration status as his visa earlier expired. The interior minister is in effect trying to expel him from the country despite the fact that prosecution dismissed the charges against him. This in their view, amounts to further injustice by the minister of interior. At the Chilean Congress, Saif was accompanied by his wife, Lorena Cotroneo, and his defense counsel Ariel Zuniga, who told MPs that the State of Chile violated the human rights of his represented (Saif Khan) and demanded justice and reparation for him. He added that the interior minister has slandered Mr. Saif Khan, and insisted that the Government should make the appropriate apologies to Mr. Khan.

The members of the Human Rights Committee of the Chilean senate noted that Saif has been a victim of intimidation by the Ministry of Interior. Earlier in May, the Pakistani student was falsely accused and after seven months his innocence was proven. No crime was ever committed by Saif and this whole drama has proved to be of immense shame and humiliation for the interior minister of Chile, who exceeded his limits by interfering in the judicial process, and violating the important rule of innocent until proven guilty. All along, the Chilean nation and the international community watched with skepticism the allegations against an innocent student and the drama that was unfolding in Chile.

Deputy Sergio Ojeda, a member of the Human Rights Committee of the House, called on the government to publicly express its apologies to the Pakistani national Muhammed Saif Ur Rehman Khan.  He added that, “he (Saif) was prosecuted for possession of explosives, subjected to a detention based on an unfair prosecution… and his image tarnished from a simple foreign citizen to a dangerous terrorist and extremist, which turned out to be absolutely false”.

After listening to the foreign citizen, the members assured him their full support and agreed to send a document to the Police Investigations (PDI) and the Public Ministry to explain the operations conducted and its rationale besides clarifying to the Senate committee of the history of the case in terms of human rights. “What we do as a House committee is to express a political opinion regarding the improper conduct of a high authority of government… “said the deputy, Sergio Aguilo. The deputy Aguilo also stressed that the investigation was restricted to the Pakistani student at the insistence of the Interior Ministry, as even the U.S. ambassador in Chile did not file any legal complaint against him. Therefore, “…members of the Commission on Human Rights of the House are not going to hesitate in studying the filing of an impeachment,” of Mr. Hinzpeter.   The members also issued a public statement rejecting the actions of Interior Minister Rodrigo Hintzpeter in this case and demand a public apology for her false accusations.

The President of the Human Rights Commission, MP Hugo Gutierrez,  hoped that the facts be clarified as soon as possible, given the damage caused to the Pakistani and valued members of the Commission provide all necessary support.

After the meeting, counsel for the student, Ariel Zúñiga, appreciated the support won by the parliamentarians, saying “to report these facts, to come forward and try to help regain his honor, not only deserves to regularize his immigration status, but be given citizenship by grace”.

Prosecutors drop charges against Saif Khan

December 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Prosecutor Alejandro Peña  on Wednesday (1st December, 2010) asked a court “not to persevere” against Saif Khan who was falsely accused in May. Peña said that having practiced the “investigative procedures” in the case “not enough evidence was found for an indictment”. The prosecutor’s decision was due to failure to confirm suspicions against Saif Khan. In other words, “having all necessary investigative steps, not enough evidence was found to press an accusation. The traces found were not constituted as sufficient to accuse him,” says the text submitted by the prosecution.

More than what happened at the US embassy, the whole 7 months long drama was pursued simply based on suspicions and no proof.  Obviously, when no crime was committed, it was ludicrous to even continue this for almost 7 months. The trauma and anguish Saif and his family went through has no meaning for those engaged in this injustice.

This latest development cements and proves the reality of Saif’s innocence. Truly, Saif is absolutely innocent and now the whole world knows it. It is also clear that Saif has been a victim of severe injustice. Saif was falsely accused and 7 months of his life and his family’s have been wasted.

A court hearing has been requested on December 6th at the Center of Justice of Santiago.

Chilean authorities go to greater lengths to harass Saif and his family

November 9, 2010 Leave a comment

It is an irony that how even after six months, the authorities have yet not been able to bring forth a shred of evidence against Saif – how can they when innocent Saif’s life is a clean slate. Unfortunately, misuse of power and authority has played a major role in this whole drama. One new development in this case is that the Chilean officials have finally arrived in the US to take Saif’s brother’s (who is a PHD student there) testimony. It is very strange because as to why after six months they realized they had to take his testimony also. Another strange thing which does not make any sense as to why SAIF”S PARENTS (who are in Pakistan right now) were not asked to testify even ONCE despite their stay in Chile for more than five months! They talked to media in favour of their innocent son but the authorities made sure that not many media outlets run those interviews. The past record of the Chilean authorities in this regard has been widely dubious and questionable. Against all legal and moral norms, they did not even hesitate to publish in the newspapers private photographs of Saif and attributed false information to him.

The Chilean government based on a convention between their government and that of the United States have approached Saif’s brother in United States who is currently doing his PhD and is with his family. Saif and his family since six months have already fully cooperated to address the concerns that the authorities had.  It indeed is worth pondering, what took the Chilean government so long to ask an immediate family member of Saif at such a late stage; since they have been dragging the case for six months.

It is also clarified that Saif is free to move in Chile as he gained his freedom earlier in May. He cannot leave Chile until the investigations conclude. Now what remains to be seen is how this ”testimony” of Saif’s brother on US soil be able to help solve the case.

Accusers continue with their despicable lies

November 1, 2010 Leave a comment

While parents of Saif arrive in Islamabad after waiting in Chile for 5 months, a particular section of the Chilean media continues with its despicable propaganda against innocent Saif Khan. This is not only outrageous but below decent journalistic standards. Chilean people and others around the world have had enough and are truly tired of the accusers continued lies. The Chilean visa for Saif’s parents was expiring and after waiting that long, they had no choice but to return to Pakistan to reunite with the rest of the family. They anxiously await an end to this injustice.

The prosecutors are  the only people who are not realizing to this day that they have no credibility and all their media stunts are only exposing their confusions and last-ditched efforts to build a false case. They have miserably failed already. Six months have passed and their ineptness and lies have caused enough damage to the image of an innocent student. They tried their best to engage in character assassination of Saif, but it has had the opposite impact. Wherever Saif goes, common Chilean people say words of support and express their disgust at the injustice by the accusers. Civilized societies cannot tolerate such wicked ways of the accusers against an innocent student. The accusers are fully exposed and the Chilean people have understood the reality of Saif’s innocence. It is about time, the accusers stop wasting the time of Saif and the honorable courts.

Saif’s parents returning to Pakistan

October 30, 2010 1 comment

On the morning of October 30th, 2010, Saif’s parents leave for Santiago airport to travel back to Pakistan. Even after 6 months, they still await justice for their son who has committed no crime, harmed no one!

After staying in Santiago for 5 months, Saif’s parents leave Chile with the hope that the Chilean courts will deliver justice and exonerate Saif of all the baseless accusations. They had come to Chile to defend their innocent son and nullify the stupid allegation that Saif was not “socially embedded”. They were in Chile to send out a message loud and clear that no one must stay quiet at an injustice committed anywhere. They may have been sad not to be able to return with their son at this time, but they are always confident and hopeful; since those who raise their children with the best of upbringing, moral values and love for humanity have nothing to fear nor worry about.

While there are still no charges, nor any proof against Saif, the campaign to malign an innocent peace loving person continues at the behest of the accusers. Surely the accusers who committed this injustice and are desperate to cook new lies and buy more time will ultimately face humiliation in public and in front of honorable courts. They already have lost all moral ground to be serving in their positions. Not only what the accusers do against Saif is ridiculous but also sad. The circus that has continued in Chile for 6 months simply based on suspicions and lies must now end. There is no justice, no humanity in playing with the lives of innocent, law-abiding people.

It is high time to realize that the paranoia and madness against an entire community must cease. Time never stays the same and greatness of nations is hidden in the golden values of justice and fair-play. The resolve to stand for justice and truth is higher than ever!

Crimes against Pakistani student

October 17, 2010 4 comments

It has been more than 5 months since Saif was first detained by the Chilean authorities on baseless charges, without proof and evidence. They may do all the media stunts to improve its image, but the fact is that their true face was revealed the very day they humiliated and discriminated against a Pakistani. The coalition for the support of Saif, within the bounds of law will do everything to hold accountable the accusers for these grave injustices!

Crimes of some sections in the Chilean authorities  against a Pakistani:

  • Illegal detention of Saif in May without proof, merely based on suspicion. Traces of chemical residues (that too never tested by an independent agency), are not enough to unjustly blame an innocent student.
  • Defamation campaign in a famous section of media. Release of personal and private pictures that have no relation with the case in the particular media. This act of the accusers is condemnable.
  • Continuous mental torture of Saif and his family. One lie after an other in the media and courts against Saif  would put any human being to shame but not the Chilean authorities who are involved in this injustice.
  • Dragging the case for five months and still rightly nothing against Saif. Asking for more time and inventing baseless things against Saif and wasting court’s time has become the norm. Nothing can compensate for the character assassination of an innocent student. Nothing can bring back more than five months of valuable time of Saif’s life. There is no charge against innocent Saif. No crime was committed and yet Saif cannot lead a normal life. Injustice has limits!
  • Illegal breaking into Saif’s apartment by Chilean PDI officials without judicial authorization.
  • Discrimination against a Pakistani – Even a Chilean court had warned the authorities who committed this injustice not to discriminate against a community in one of the hearings in Saif’s case. The authorities seem to be disrespectful of court’s decision.

The accusers who constantly spoke against Saif and even called him a “terrorist” must apologize for exceeding their limits! They have forgotten that they are the ones terrorizing others. They are responsible for bringing a bad name to Chile. Respect for law and due process must be paramount but some members amongst the Chilean authorities still needs to learn that! They have no right to tarnish the beautiful image of Chile.

Saif does not have anything to hide.  He is still waiting for the prosecutors to show the proofs in the court. Until now the accusers have not produced anything against Saif because there is nothing against Saif. The law and any civilized society clearly abhors the character assassination of an innocent person and clearly condemns the release of documents of an investigation in the media. If there is anything, than the accusers must present that in courts instead of continuing with defaming an innocent person with cheap tactics.