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Chilean authorities go to greater lengths to harass Saif and his family

November 9, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

It is an irony that how even after six months, the authorities have yet not been able to bring forth a shred of evidence against Saif – how can they when innocent Saif’s life is a clean slate. Unfortunately, misuse of power and authority has played a major role in this whole drama. One new development in this case is that the Chilean officials have finally arrived in the US to take Saif’s brother’s (who is a PHD student there) testimony. It is very strange because as to why after six months they realized they had to take his testimony also. Another strange thing which does not make any sense as to why SAIF”S PARENTS (who are in Pakistan right now) were not asked to testify even ONCE despite their stay in Chile for more than five months! They talked to media in favour of their innocent son but the authorities made sure that not many media outlets run those interviews. The past record of the Chilean authorities in this regard has been widely dubious and questionable. Against all legal and moral norms, they did not even hesitate to publish in the newspapers private photographs of Saif and attributed false information to him.

The Chilean government based on a convention between their government and that of the United States have approached Saif’s brother in United States who is currently doing his PhD and is with his family. Saif and his family since six months have already fully cooperated to address the concerns that the authorities had.  It indeed is worth pondering, what took the Chilean government so long to ask an immediate family member of Saif at such a late stage; since they have been dragging the case for six months.

It is also clarified that Saif is free to move in Chile as he gained his freedom earlier in May. He cannot leave Chile until the investigations conclude. Now what remains to be seen is how this ”testimony” of Saif’s brother on US soil be able to help solve the case.

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