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Do you know the value of freedom?

More than 60 days have passed since Saif Khan was first arrested and the case still remains unresolved. To support their son, and after hearing the baseless and never ending allegations by the opponents, the parents felt compelled to travel to Chile to dispel the false lies against him. In fact, due to the long wait for justice they are suffering with their innocent son in a foreign country. Prosecutors changed, intelligence chiefs fired, an ambassador sent home, yet the plight of Saif Khan and his parents remains the same. Saif is out of the maximum security prison but justice remains to be done. Saif Khan cannot leave Santiago, Chile until the investigations conclude. There is nothing found against Saif Khan as he is absolutely innocent of any activity that may be considered wrong. The family and friends of Saif respect the judicial process underway, but also look forward to an early resolution of the case.

Saif’s father has diabetes and he is naturally not comfortable away from his home in Islamabad. His 95 years old mother who is dependent on Saif’s parents awaits his prompt return. Saif’s younger siblings in Islamabad also wait for their parents. Truly, justice delayed is justice denied! Real justice is speedy, without long delays. Why should Saif and his family pay the price of something they have not done? This is another injustice taking place due to the whole case against innocent Saif. There is no doubt in our minds that a grave injustice has been committed by the opponents and it is clearly visible to every rational person in the world.

History has proven that racial and religious discrimination never take societies forward. Racial profiling that resulted in the summoning of innocent Saif Khan to the US embassy simply based on suspicions in a third country is what makes the whole case even more dubious. On top of that, the accusation that innocent Saif had TRACES of some sort of chemical on his documents created a storm in Chile just because he is a Muslim and a Pakistani? The whole incident was given a horrible spin that resulted in the demonizing of a whole country- Pakistan, harassment of a peace-loving Muslim community in Chile and of course a nightmare for Saif and his family.  Can anyone understand the value of freedom? Who can bring back the time wasted due to the blunder of the opponents (when Saif is held accountable for something he has not done)? Who can be answerable for the smear campaign earlier launched in a section of the media, when it did not hesitate to speak the most outrageous lies?

It is hard to understand and feel the true value of freedom. It may be hard for a person seeing the whole drama to comprehend the plight of the victims of injustice. Saif’s family, friends and millions around the world salute Saif Khan for his courage to stand up against oppression with the values of truth, honor and justice.

Surely, “Truth can not be suppressed and always is the ultimate victor”!

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