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Prosecutors drop charges against Saif Khan

December 1, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Prosecutor Alejandro Peña  on Wednesday (1st December, 2010) asked a court “not to persevere” against Saif Khan who was falsely accused in May. Peña said that having practiced the “investigative procedures” in the case “not enough evidence was found for an indictment”. The prosecutor’s decision was due to failure to confirm suspicions against Saif Khan. In other words, “having all necessary investigative steps, not enough evidence was found to press an accusation. The traces found were not constituted as sufficient to accuse him,” says the text submitted by the prosecution.

More than what happened at the US embassy, the whole 7 months long drama was pursued simply based on suspicions and no proof.  Obviously, when no crime was committed, it was ludicrous to even continue this for almost 7 months. The trauma and anguish Saif and his family went through has no meaning for those engaged in this injustice.

This latest development cements and proves the reality of Saif’s innocence. Truly, Saif is absolutely innocent and now the whole world knows it. It is also clear that Saif has been a victim of severe injustice. Saif was falsely accused and 7 months of his life and his family’s have been wasted.

A court hearing has been requested on December 6th at the Center of Justice of Santiago.

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