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Mockery of Justice

An appeal has been made against Saif by the Interior Ministry. Not only are the opponents engaging in discrimination and slander against an innocent person, but also denting Chile’s international image. Chile is likely to be known as a place whose government mistreats individuals of a particular religion and nationality. In contrast with what the government is doing, the great people of Chile have stood by Saif and his family.

An innocent person is wrongly accused and put behind bars simply based on presumptions. Saif is innocent and there is nothing against him. By creating new stories and being paranoid, the opponents are making a mockery of justice.

It has been proven that there was no chemical residue on Saif’s hands. We ask people with intellect, how then can the alleged chemical residue come on the documents and the cell phone? The answer is very obvious.

The Ministry of Interior on Saturday appealed to the Court of Appeals of Santiago against Saif. Many things have become quite obvious and Saif’s innocence is manifest. The prosecutors have realized the truth about Saif’s innocence and till now seem to be backing off and trying to save their image from further deterioration.

Since there is no tangible and solid proof against Saif, now the opponents are trying to find “alternatives” or a “short trial”. No alternatives would be acceptable as Saif is absolutely innocent. Saif’s family do not accept the baseless charges against him and would persevere until Saif is declared innocent and regains his respect that the prosecutors and the opponents have stolen. The family of Saif do not accept any ridiculous argument!

Saif and his family stand strong in the face of this injustice. We are on the side of truth and lies never stand long. Saif’s family and friends appeal to the human rights organizations both in Chile and internationally to ensure that Saif not wrongly accused.

  1. Saad Ahmed
    June 7, 2010 at 3:11 pm

    MashaAllah. May you live with your family happily and enjoy your freedom. Aameen

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