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The long wait for justice

48 days have passed and the nightmare is not yet over. An innocent person and his family are going through a period of waiting and grief that others can only understand but not possibly feel. The precious time of Saif’s life and others that is lost and still being lost can never be compensated for. Saif’s old parents who had to travel thousands of miles to reach Chile, are enduring through this long wait. They are away from their other children in Islamabad besides Saif’s 95 years old grand-mother whom they took care of. Their own health is not the best and if any harm comes to them, the responsibility will solely lie on the Chilean government. Saif’s whole case since the very start is based on presumptions and what he and his family had to go through is unacceptable.

While the investigations continue, the main party in this entire debacle has invoked “diplomatic immunity” and refused to allow anyone from their side to be questioned by the Chilean justice system. After the previous prosecutor backed down and chose not to appeal against Saif, the new prosecutor has taken charge of the case. At the height of all this, the US ambassador to Chile has been replaced and would be leaving soon.

All attempts by the opponents against innocent Saif have rightly proved futile. It is very easy for those in power to engage in libel and vilification of a person, but it is never possible to take back words that are so outrageously unjust and untrue. Those in position of authority who can go to such extents against an innocent person have no ethics and morals. They may think of themselves as civilized, but in their hate campaign against an entire community, they fall below established norms of humanity. Do these people ever think of the impact such injustices have on someone’s bright future? Definitely not! They are too blinded by the lust for more power and set agendas.

Not having fully recovered from the shock of the devastating earthquake, the Chilean nation looks at the entire case with suspicion. It is the image of the opponents that has suffered most. The amount of unwanted secrecy in the case has also hit the credibility of the opponents. The Chilean nation has not fallen for the scare tactics of the opponents and has well understood the drama that is unfolding in which innocent Saif is a victim. The over-whelming support for innocent Saif from the Chilean people is evident wherever he visits in Santiago.

The support of the Chilean nation and others around the world cannot be thanked enough. It is very sad that just based on suspicions, Saif had to go through such distress and character assassination from the opponents. We are hopeful that the case will be closed sooner rather than later as Saif is absolutely innocent. After Saif’s release twice, and the coming of proof that he did not have any chemical residues on his hands and clothes, truth has become very evident. What is remaining is a realization and a declaration from the opponent’s side of their grave injustice against innocent Saif.

  1. Steve
    June 28, 2010 at 4:41 pm

    Justice delayed, justice denied!!!!

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