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“I feel guilty for recommending Saif to come to Chile”

“I feel guilty for recommending Saif to come to Chile”. These were the words of Dr. Catalina Alliende, honorary consul of Chile in Islamabad as she testified in Saif’s favor in court in Santiago last week. She cleared the doubts raised by the prosecution as to why the young Pakistani had come to Chile. Despite opposition from the Prosecutor and the Ministry of Interior, the defense of Saif Ur Rehman Khan made a request to Fourth Guarantee Santiago Court  which was accepted and a testimony of a key character in this whole case, the honorary consul of Chile in Islamabad, Mary Catalina Alliende, became possible.

Since the beginning of this case the opponents raised their “strongest” arguments that the defense did not have sufficient explanation for the arrival and stay of a citizen of a country far away as Pakistan in Chile. The whole case was based on presumptions and anti-Muslim bias. What the opponents were saying was also a direct violation of the principle of presumption of innocence.

The family of Saif Khan have no regrets that Saif went to Chile to further his educational career. In fact, the opponents in Chile in positions of authority whom everyone knows created this mess, need to feel guilty and ashamed of their wrong doing. Their injustice against an innocent may go un-accounted for in this world but surely and most definitely they will be accountable for their deeds in court of ultimate justice of God. Although the whole case has been nothing short of a nightmare for Saif’s family and friends, but surely we are proud that God-willing we stood up for truth and justice!

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