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Court upholds freedom of Saif

The courage to stand up for truth. Truth always prevails!

All praises for God!

Against the appeal of the Minister of Interior Rodrigo Hinzpeter, the Eighth Chamber of the Santiago Appeals Court upheld the decision of the Fourth Court of guarantee which earlier granted freedom to Muhammad Saif Ur Rehman Khan. This is indeed a victory of justice and truth in Chile. Even though the opponents exerted pressure against Saif’s freedom, the courts upheld the values of truth, impartiality and justice.

It is worth mentioning that all along, the prosecutors insisted that Saif is a “danger to society” and that he must not be allowed to be free. It is wholly evident that the opponents were not on the side of truth and were for some reason that only they know, engaging in grave injustice. Why would anyone go to that extent to ensure that an innocent person is put behind bars without any proof and only based on presumptions?

What did the opponents gain from this whole drama? No one can comprehend the pain and anguish Saif Khan and his family have experienced since almost one month. Not only the immediate family but all the members in the distant family and friends have been through a nightmare.

The prosecutors in absence of any further baseless accusations made a sane decision and chose not to appeal yesterday. On the other hand, the Interior Ministry appealed against Saif Khan’s freedom even becoming a party to the case.

The secrecy and cover-ups

Why would anyone keep things in secret? In our understanding, only someone who lies and feels guilty would hide things. Saif Khan and his family have nothing to hide and have always wanted the proceedings to be open in front of public. Saif Khan is absolutely innocent and his whole life is an open book. It is beyond understanding why the prosecution and others were trying to hide things by keeping the case proceedings secret. With all the character assassination, the opponents only succeeded in making a mockery of themselves and engaging in activities that are below their stature. It surely does not suit the interior minister of any country to become a party in a case.

What now?

The effect of this one month ordeal has had a deep impact on Saif Khan and his family, mentally and physically. Saif Khan’s old parents are sitting thousands of miles away from their homeland and this non-sense must end immediately. We want the justice system to act now and move towards dropping all baseless charges that the opponents have been crafting against Saif Khan without any valid and logical reasons. No more time can be given to the opponents to manufacture more baseless accusations to mislead and waste the time of the honorable courts again.

  1. Haider Shahid
    June 12, 2010 at 5:17 pm

    InshaAllah truth shall prevail and Saif Bhai will be back in Pakistan

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