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Ridiculous propaganda again!

Since the unfortunate day of May 10th, the baseless and vile offensive against innocent Saif Khan continues. From his detention without any charges or proof, to the continuous lies against him, there seems to be a deliberate attempt as part of their paranoia to implicate an innocent person based on conspiracy theories. The opponents must understand that they just cannot continue with their hate campaign against a person of a particular religion and nationality. This vile campaign only damages the credibility of the opponents.

The Interior Minister Rodrigo Hinzpeter must make up his mind and stop confusing and belittling the Chilean nation. Sometimes, there is an attempt to link Saif with illicit groups outside Chile. Then, new irresponsible statements emerge linking Saif with a certain group inside Chile.

Such acts are not worthy of the stature of an Interior Minister. To make the matters complicated and confusing, everything is kept secret. This vile propaganda campaign resonates with the same scare tactics used elsewhere in the world to subdue an innocent person and his peace loving well wishers. Let there be no mistake that Saif Khan, his family, friends, and the Chilean nation stand strong and reject in the strongest words these new lies.

Over the past days, a number of accusations were laid against innocent Saif one after another. These accusations which have been countered on this blog and elsewhere.

  • Innocent Saif’s pictures were circulated in media trying to give a wrong impression about a picnic as something of a “terrorist training”. Mr. Hinzpeter himself talked about these pictures trying to give a wrong impression, although this matter has been clarified at length. Not only is this vile propaganda despicable, but also a shameful act that deserves the highest condemnation. Chilean people are not naive not to understand the reality about innocent Saif Khan.
  • In reference to the latest accusation regarding some links, the truth is that the minister himself needs to give an explanation of why he is trying to invent new illicit links? What is he gaining out of all this drama and persecution? Who is he loyal to – the Chilean people or someone outside Chile?
  • Mr. Hizpeter also said that there needs to be an explanation of how the chemicals reached Saifs documents. We categorically state that it is the prosecutors who must explain who put those chemicals on Saif”s documents. The investigations have clearly revealed that Saif did not have any traces of explosive substance on his hands, skin and clothes. How then would they reach his documents and cell phone? They were obviously put on the documents and cell phone by someone else.

Gripped by paranoia

Why are the opponents trying to confuse people? Why is a universal principle forgotten – one is innocent until proven guilty. It is not the defense’s job to investigate the reasons for this alleged substance. The truth of the matter is that till now the opponents have absolutely failed to clarify the reasons for the existence of alleged residues and declare him guilty. Moreover they seem to be so helpless in obtaining the testimonies of all the suspected parties in the case.

Being cognizant of the need of a peaceful society, in light of the latest accusations it seems that there is an attempt to create a terrorism phobia in Chile. Every passing day, only shakes the weak credibility of the opponents.

Mr. Hinzpeter’s personal interest in this particular case and indulgence in details is amazing. He should let the prosecutors do their job. Instead of hatching conspiracy theories against Saif Khan in media, attention needs to be paid to point the investigations in the right direction and gain meaningful results.

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