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Defamation Campaign against Saif

What is happening against Saif is open discrimination based on his religion and nationality. All of Saif’s life is an open book and nothing is hidden from anyone. It is amazing that opponents come out with baseless accusations one after another with such audacity and shamelessness. There is no doubt that the opponents are making a fool of themselves by engaging in such negative behavior and denting Chile’s beautiful image in the international community. This is a matter of human rights. Enough time of Saif’s precious life has already been wasted, and his health and the health of his old parents are being adversely affected. All Saif and his family want is a normal life which is the right of every human being.

The family asks, is this how a guest in Chile is treated by the authorities? We thank the Chilean nation who have spoken against this injustice. Surely the hospitality, love for justice, truth and resistance against oppression is what makes the Chilean nation unique.

The opponents are doing character assassination and Saif’s privacy and the privacy of his family have been compromised due to whole issue. The smear campaign against Saif has made him famous for all the wrong reasons. However, this whole case has not shaken the resolve of Saif and his family and friends. We firmly believe that sooner or later, truth always prevails.

Keeping in view, how the opponents are continuing with their lies, Saif’s family and friends believe that the kinds of accusations are simply because there is discrimination against him. This is humiliation and open discrimination against a Pakistani and a Muslim which is not acceptable under international law and in any civilized democratic society. Saif is entitled to the respect that any law-abiding innocent citizen of any country deserves.

04 June, 2010 – Family and friends statement for the Press

    June 5, 2010 at 12:27 pm


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