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Deceptions, lies and new lies

As the time limit for the investigation comes to an end, there seems to be a last-ditch attempt to breathe some life into their sorry excuse for a case. Surprisingly, the list of chemicals allegedly found on the belongings (based on tampered and nullified evidence) has been added with new substances.  The facts are that Saif did not have any chemicals on his hands/body or clothing.  They were only “found” on items that were either removed from his possession or in his apartment that was violated by entrance without warrant. In addition, they keep on repeating the same baseless arguments through media that such and such chemicals were found. It is time to admit that the opponents framed Saif Khan.

A particular media outlet has launched a new smear campaign. The opponents simply have not realized that they have miserably failed and are just continuing their shameless behavior just to save their jobs. They have already deceived, lied and committed a crime by laying false allegations on an innocent person. People of Chile and supporters of Saif around the world know very well the dirty games that the opponents have played over the last few months.

The prosecutors must answer why they have wasted our time, court’s time and the money & resources of the Chilean nation? When will this non-sense end?!

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