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Veil of secrecy lifted – Key testimony tomorrow

After lifting of the unwanted and undesirable veil of secrecy imposed by the opponents, today’s day was crucial since it was the first public hearing of the case. Finally the veil of secrecy has been lifted. Saif Khan and his family had from the very first day requested that all case proceedings take place in public, open in front of media; since being innocent they have nothing to hide. It was the opponent’s side whose constant pressure and deceptive tactics resulted in everything taking place in secrecy.

In another major development, tomorrow (04 August, 2010) the fourth Court of Santiago will take the statement of the Honorary Consul of Chile in Islamabad, Dr. Maria Catalina Alliende who is in Santiago since many weeks. She will explain in court how and when she met Saif Ur Rehman Khan in Islamabad as a student. She is expected to return to Islamabad by August 10.

Miss Catalina will clear certain misconceptions hatched by opponents and set the records straight. Not only did Miss Catalina as a mentor recommend Saif Khan to proceed to Chile for further education related to tourism but also granted him Chile’s visa based on complete trust and confidence in him. Saif Khan and Miss Catalina were in constant touch via email since his arrival in Santiago. This speaks highly of the personality of Saif who rightly respects his elders as per his faith, traditions and culture.

It is re-iterated that Miss Catalina is highly respectable and Saif Khan and his family have always held her and her advice in high esteem. Her role as a mentor is not limited to Saif Khan but when needed to many others like Saif who have studied in her college in Islamabad.  Her service to the Pakistani people in the field of education is priceless. The baseless and false charges against Saif are not only an insult to peace loving and humane people but also to the ideals of justice, fair-play and truth.

Earlier, the statement by Miss Catalina Alliende over telephone taken by the previous prosecutor was “misunderstood” and misquoted. She will clarify tomorrow that not only does she know Saif and his family members but also that she as a highly respectable elder and college principal, advised Saif Khan to proceed to Chile to study Spanish language and gain tourism experience. This valuable advice was very much in line with Saif’s educational qualifications and interests in tourism and hospitality.

Saif Khan and his family await justice and look forward to a prompt dropping of all baseless charges.

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