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Accusers continue with their despicable lies

November 1, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

While parents of Saif arrive in Islamabad after waiting in Chile for 5 months, a particular section of the Chilean media continues with its despicable propaganda against innocent Saif Khan. This is not only outrageous but below decent journalistic standards. Chilean people and others around the world have had enough and are truly tired of the accusers continued lies. The Chilean visa for Saif’s parents was expiring and after waiting that long, they had no choice but to return to Pakistan to reunite with the rest of the family. They anxiously await an end to this injustice.

The prosecutors are  the only people who are not realizing to this day that they have no credibility and all their media stunts are only exposing their confusions and last-ditched efforts to build a false case. They have miserably failed already. Six months have passed and their ineptness and lies have caused enough damage to the image of an innocent student. They tried their best to engage in character assassination of Saif, but it has had the opposite impact. Wherever Saif goes, common Chilean people say words of support and express their disgust at the injustice by the accusers. Civilized societies cannot tolerate such wicked ways of the accusers against an innocent student. The accusers are fully exposed and the Chilean people have understood the reality of Saif’s innocence. It is about time, the accusers stop wasting the time of Saif and the honorable courts.

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