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Miss Catalina Alliende testifies in favour of Saif

Photo: Santiago Llanquin, El Mercurio.

Miss Catalina Alliende, the honorary consul of Chile in Islamabad and the college principal (UCI) of Saif Khan, testified in a Santiago court today for nearly 2 hours. She established the fact that she herself encouraged Saif Khan to travel to Chile to learn Spanish language at eFronteras institute in Santiago. In addition, she clarified that she knew Saif Khan and his family members since many years. She stated that she is “convinced that Saif is innocent”. Today’s hearing annuls and falsifies the constant outrageous lies against Saif Khan by the opponents.

She also commented on the so-called “declaration” given to the then chief prosecutor, Xavier Armendariz, just hours after the arrest of Saif; and in which the prosecution not only recorded the phone conversation with Miss Alliende without her consent but also tried to give wrong impressions to the court. Obviously their deceptive tactics can put any honest human being to shame.

Another major point related in court by Miss Alliende was about the investigations by the police earlier in March even before him being falsely accused in US embassy on 10th of May, 2010. Saif Khan had no knowledge whatsoever of what was happening as the director of eFronteras, Miss Alejendra Vicencio upon being contacted by the police about Saif based on some weird suspicions and racial profiling, never had the courtesy and the sincerity to mention the police visit to Saif. Saif Khan was shocked to learn from Miss Catalina (who had email conversation with Miss Vicencio in March) that eFronteras Director Alejendra Vicencio concealed this potentially important development from him. Had Saif Khan known in March that something strange was happening by the Chilean government, he would have surely come forward and clarified any misconceptions. Just as testified by Miss Catalina in court, Saif was in Chile only because he was advised by her. His educational ambitions took him to Chile where he ended up in such mess, in the middle of conspiracies and false accusations.

No foreign student from anywhere in the world must ever go to Chile!! This is more so for certain nationalities and religion. Contrary to the wonderful, welcoming and friendly people of Chile, certain sections of the current Chilean government openly discriminate on the basis of race, religion and nationality especially against Muslims.

Saif Khan’s public defender, Gabriel Carrión, said that the declaration of the consul Miss Catalina Alliende today, supports  the defense’s arguments, in that “Saif arrived in Chile with a precise objective: to study and practice hotel management. The family demands that after all has been clarified regarding Saif Khan, all charges must be dropped and injustice that started in May must end now!

  1. Hirose
    August 5, 2010 at 11:11 am

    her testimony should be the key to Saif’s acquittal. what more can they possibly want?

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