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Showdown – Truth versus falsehood

While the members of coalition of support of Saif Khan and millions around the world wait anxiously for justice, the opponents make a shameless final attempt to save themselves from humiliation, thus falling to a new low. Popular newspapers in Chile report a latest lie from the prosecutors about innocent Saif Khan. What is amazing is that such ridiculous propaganda only exposes the opponents and humiliates them further. It is also amazing that opponents are shameless creatures that have fallen below levels of human dignity. In  fact, we do not even consider paying attention to their lies anymore. They are only harming their own diminished credibility.

We are very hopeful that truth will prevail today in-sha-Allah and have faith in the Chilean justice system which has already given several judgments in favor of Saif. Today, the court is expected to give a decision as prosecutors brazenly ask for more time. 180 million Pakistanis and well wishers around the world supporting Saif Khan hope and pray for his dignified return to his country. Truth is very evident regarding Saif’s innocence. It is very evident that the opponents are desperate for a face-saving at the immense humiliation caused through their own injustice against an innocent student.

Earlier, Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesman Abdul Basit, speaking to Dawn News said that there are “gaps” in the case against Saif Khan and that they are closely watching the situation. We are hopeful for an end to this drama and an end to Islamophobia and anti-Pakistan bias from the opponents.

We reiterate that we are all united and firm in support of Saif Khan!!! Surely and most surely truth always prevails for falsehood is bound to perish.

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