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Some facts revisited

  • Family and friends of Saif Khan demand an immediate end to this injustice and a dropping of all baseless charges against innocent Saif. Innocent Saif is not free to leave Chile and cannot even leave Santiago metropolitan area till 120 days investigations (staring May 15th) are completed.
  • Since the US embassy in Santiago is not ready to let Mr. Bill Whitaker and other security staff to be questioned by Chilean justice (under diplomatic immunity), the case has no moral and legal justification to continue. No fancy language such as cooperation from “legal attache” can hide the fact that those who were directly handling innocent Saif Khan’s educational documents and cell phone inside the US embassy have been barred from being questioned. How can justice be done in such a situation?
  • It has been proven that there were no traces of any harmful substance on Saif Khan’s hands, skin or clothes. Those who handled the documents inside the US embassy must answer how such a substance was found.
  • Besides the Chilean prosecutor, the US ambassador in Chile, Paul Simons (appointed under the Bush administration) has been replaced.
  • The long wait, anguish and injustice of being accused of something not done by Saif continues. His future has been affected while the opponents have no humanity to understand what they have done by discriminating against innocent Saif. Saif’s old parents who are in Santiago to defend Saif’s innocence are away from their other younger children and family in Islamabad.
  • The opponents surely got their international headlines maligning Islam, Pakistan and an innocent Pakistani student. There was immense hype when this unfortunate drama unfolded on May 10th and a major smear campaign was launched which badly failed.
  1. Steve
    July 6, 2010 at 10:28 am

    Is this a prerogative of US Embassy in Chile to summon any person whom they ‘assume’ to be a suspect and try to investigate about his information themselves?
    This is an utter carelessness and weakness of Pakistani diplomatic circle. They had failed themselves so miserably that not a single a statement was passed to US questioning them their Authority of summoning a Pakistani national to the US Embassy without information Pakistani mission in Chile.

  2. tasnim
    July 5, 2010 at 12:23 pm


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