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End the case against innocent Saif Khan

September 3, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

After more than 100 days, the investigations regarding Saif Khan have only proven that he is absolutely innocent. Those who are sincere  in understanding the case know fully well the perpetrators of this injustice. His friends, family, co-workers, and admirers all testify of his innocence and demand an end to this injustice. The second week of September will mark an end to the 120 days investigations period. Major developments since May 10th are as follows:

  • It was proven that Saif did not have any traces of alleged chemical residues on his hands. This was in sharp contrast to the vile propaganda started by the opponents. The very fact that there were no traces of anything harmful on his hands makes any person wonder about the absurdity of allegations against him. People are not naive not to understand that this is nothing less than a set-up and a case based on lies and deceptions. It fully exposed the opponents and their plan to malign the Muslim community besides creating a senseless terrorism-phobia in Chile.
  • Many officials in key positions were replaced. The US ambassador to Chile, Paul Simmons appointed by the Bush administration, was sent home. Even if it is not admitted publicly, the open case of racial profiling and anti-Muslim and Pakistan bias has definitely been a cause of embarrassment for the US foreign policy in South America. Besides the ambassador, the FBI chief in Chile, Stanley Stoy was sent back besides a replacement of the intelligence chief in Chile. The Chilean prosecutor in this case was earlier replaced. The Chilean nation is awake and fully understands the situation. Surely, good image of a country is not based on lies and cosmetic measures but on honesty and sincerity. So much for “building bridges” with the Muslim world!
  • Miss Catalina Alliende, the Chilean government representative in Islamabad herself testified of Saif’s innocence in a Santiago court. She clarified that she recommended and advised Saif to come to Chile. This nullified all claims by the opponents questioning the arrival and presence of Saif Khan in Chile. She is not only the honorary Chilean visa consular in Islamabad but also knew Saif as his college principal.
  • Officials illegally entered into Saif Khan’s apartment at the same time he was in the US embassy, Santiago. This necessarily means that the only so called “evidence” of any chemical traces on his belongings was tampered with and thus nullified. In reality, this act itself is a breach of legal procedures and nothing less than a crime committed by the opponents.

There are various other details discussed earlier that have also proven that all this were a set-up and that Saif Khan was framed. It is shameful that opponents engaged in such injustice and caused immense harm and mental torture to an innocent young student and his family. The Pakistani nation will always remember the injustice committed by the government in Chile against its citizen. This case is also a learning opportunity for many as it exposed the acts of “civilized nations” and how “credible” media in general reports especially against people who belong to a particular religion and nationality.

It is clear that those who openly lied against an innocent person and framed him based on their evil vested interests will never come forward to clarify that they committed injustice and deceived their own nations. Nevertheless, all justice and truth loving people now fully know what great injustice has been committed against Saif Khan!

We all demand an end to this case so that Saif and his parents return to their homeland. No further delay in justice is acceptable!!

  1. sher ullah baig
    September 6, 2010 at 11:58 am

    Thankx GOD. Congrats to all..

  2. September 3, 2010 at 9:55 pm

    Great news. Lets pray and hope that Saif return to his loved ones sooner rather than later.

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