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Understanding the distress of family members

Ivan Alvarado/Reuters-Relatives of the trapped miners gathered outside of the mine in Copiapo, Chile, on Sunday night.

President of Chile – Mr. Sebastian Pinera,

Congratulations on the news that 33 miners trapped in a Chilean mine are alive. Your happiness can surely be understood as you are responsible for the betterment and welfare of the Chilean nation. This is good news for Saif’s family also as they can very well feel the excitement and happiness of the family members of those miners trapped inside the mines.

With this we want to bring your attention to a case which still remains unresolved after more than 3 months in your country’s capital. Saif Khan cannot leave Santiago is with his parents. During all this time, the anxiety, the long wait and condition of Saif and his family cannot be explained in words. Just as only the families of the trapped miners can feel the pain of their loved ones inside the mine, others can only try to understand the plight of an innocent held accountable for something he has not done. In fact, there is nothing against Saif Khan that may be a cause of concern.

At this time of happiness for Chile, we pray and wish that the trapped miners meet their families in weeks and not months. With this we also hope that the whole case is closed. The investigations regarding Saif Khan are inconclusive even after 3 months. Saif Khan is absolutely innocent and he shares with his family the anguish of waiting for justice. We are hopeful that he will be relieved of this anguish and allowed to return to his native country with his parents. There has been more than enough unwanted wait for justice.

We as Saif’s family request you as the President and as a human being to intervene into the matter so that an innocent person and his family has to suffer no more. Your positive intervention would surely leave lasting good memories between the Pakistani and the Chilean nation.

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