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Canons of fair play

November 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Blessed are those that have defined themselves through the qualities of justice, righteousness and fair-play. Since the unfortunate day of May 10th, 2010 “investigations” regarding false accusations on innocent Saif remain inconclusive. Saif is indeed innocent! Surely justice has not been delayed but denied due to unbalanced and unjust ways of the accusers. The onus is entirely on the accusers in Chile to make up for their injustice. It is also time for life to move. Those watching the case already know and believe the absolute and manifest innocence of Saif.

No crime committed yet injustice against Saif continues

What is amazing is that fact that the entire drama was enacted by the accusers based on presumption and without any proof, as no crime was ever committed on the part of the accused. Building an entire false story simply on some traces of chemical residue is what demands the attention of human rights organizations. If a crime has been committed, it is from the side of accusers who tried their best to defame an innocent young student who was in Chile to study, encouraged by a Chilean representative (Catalina Alliende) to proceed to Chile. Nothing can bring back the lost time and the happiness forgone in the life of innocent Saif who simply wants to live in peace and lead a normal life.

Abuse of Power

It is the abuse of power, and a compromise on the canons of fair play by the accusers that becomes an issue to reckon with. For much too long, restraint has been shown, giving benefit of doubt and a chance of face-saving to the perpetrators of this grave injustice against Saif and his family. Instead of salvaging their lost credibility, the accuser’s vile propaganda based on silly things continues. So much is the absurdity of the claims that one wonders, have the accusers lost all sanity? Mistaken are those who spend millions in tax-payers money of citizens of Chile, touring other countries to prove their “efficiency” and “diligence” through “investigations” that are nothing short of a joke. They fail to realize that citizens and masses are not easily fooled by their futile efforts to malign innocents.

It is a tragedy that the accusers in Saif’s case have not only made a mockery of justice but also made fun of the intellect of the Chilean nation. Images of Saif that were earlier circulated in the media, taken out of context to launch a vile propaganda campaign, have not dented Saif’s credibility even a bit. Neither it is a crime to have good time with friends nor holding something that has legal authorization. Besides, that has no relation with the incident that happened in Chile for which Saif was falsely accused. Such tactics do not worry those who stand on the basis of truth. They only prove the intellectual level of those who continue and press on with their inhumane and indecent ways.

Injsutice must stop

No one should underestimate the resolve, strength and perseverance of Saif, his family and millions of admirers, and supporters. Members of the coalition of the support of Saif have repeatedly expressed their desire to be non-confrontational in terms of legal response. Six months have already passed and there is no room left to further test the patience of a peace loving and law-abiding person who continues to stand for justice. There are limits to everything and legal restraint must not be mistaken for anything else. This injustice must stop as options remain open to fully expose the unjust in the court of law.


Accusers continue with their despicable lies

November 1, 2010 Leave a comment

While parents of Saif arrive in Islamabad after waiting in Chile for 5 months, a particular section of the Chilean media continues with its despicable propaganda against innocent Saif Khan. This is not only outrageous but below decent journalistic standards. Chilean people and others around the world have had enough and are truly tired of the accusers continued lies. The Chilean visa for Saif’s parents was expiring and after waiting that long, they had no choice but to return to Pakistan to reunite with the rest of the family. They anxiously await an end to this injustice.

The prosecutors are  the only people who are not realizing to this day that they have no credibility and all their media stunts are only exposing their confusions and last-ditched efforts to build a false case. They have miserably failed already. Six months have passed and their ineptness and lies have caused enough damage to the image of an innocent student. They tried their best to engage in character assassination of Saif, but it has had the opposite impact. Wherever Saif goes, common Chilean people say words of support and express their disgust at the injustice by the accusers. Civilized societies cannot tolerate such wicked ways of the accusers against an innocent student. The accusers are fully exposed and the Chilean people have understood the reality of Saif’s innocence. It is about time, the accusers stop wasting the time of Saif and the honorable courts.

Saif’s parents returning to Pakistan

October 30, 2010 1 comment

On the morning of October 30th, 2010, Saif’s parents leave for Santiago airport to travel back to Pakistan. Even after 6 months, they still await justice for their son who has committed no crime, harmed no one!

After staying in Santiago for 5 months, Saif’s parents leave Chile with the hope that the Chilean courts will deliver justice and exonerate Saif of all the baseless accusations. They had come to Chile to defend their innocent son and nullify the stupid allegation that Saif was not “socially embedded”. They were in Chile to send out a message loud and clear that no one must stay quiet at an injustice committed anywhere. They may have been sad not to be able to return with their son at this time, but they are always confident and hopeful; since those who raise their children with the best of upbringing, moral values and love for humanity have nothing to fear nor worry about.

While there are still no charges, nor any proof against Saif, the campaign to malign an innocent peace loving person continues at the behest of the accusers. Surely the accusers who committed this injustice and are desperate to cook new lies and buy more time will ultimately face humiliation in public and in front of honorable courts. They already have lost all moral ground to be serving in their positions. Not only what the accusers do against Saif is ridiculous but also sad. The circus that has continued in Chile for 6 months simply based on suspicions and lies must now end. There is no justice, no humanity in playing with the lives of innocent, law-abiding people.

It is high time to realize that the paranoia and madness against an entire community must cease. Time never stays the same and greatness of nations is hidden in the golden values of justice and fair-play. The resolve to stand for justice and truth is higher than ever!

President Pinera forgot the 34th human victim – innocent Saif

October 15, 2010 5 comments

The world celebrated as 33 lucky Chilean miners were rescued from the mine. It indeed was a tale of perseverance, patience and hope. Hope in a new life, a new beginning. It is a welcome relief for the families of those miners whose pain, anguish and anxiety can be hard to comprehend. They waited for weeks for their loved one in the hope that one day they will be re-united. There were emotional scenes of jubilation at the mine site. At this point it is pertinent to mention that just as the families of 33 miners experienced immense anxiety, the family of Saif Khan is still passing through a nightmare. As the Chilean president Pinera welcomed all 33 miners himself, he seems to have forgotten about another human victim – innocent Saif Khan who has been waiting for more than 5 months. Saif still awaits his freedom! He is trapped in Chile even longer than the 33 miners.

Saif has not committed any crime, yet he and his family are being punished in Pinera’s Chile! Is the value of life and human dignity not equal? Are Pakistanis less human than Chileans? Who decides which human being is worth more?

While we are happy at the news of the Chilean miners being rescued safely, we anxiously wait, and wait with all the strength and determination for our innocent Saif to be re-united with his family too. If people truly believe in the equality of human beings, than the plight of the innocent young student needs due consideration. Just as families of the miners faced immense anxiety and stress which is now for them over, the family of Saif till this day awaits justice and real freedom of Saif when he can start his normal life, study and work. He also deserves a decent life especially after his marriage.

Chile’s president has said “his country will never be the same again after the extraordinary rescue of the 33 miners” trapped underground for 69 days. Mr. President, we really hope that you put your words into action. We wait and see that no injustice takes place in Chile again. Would Pinera government show  magnanimity and end Saif’s case thus ending injustice against an innocent student? Would it show to the people of Chile and the world that it cares for all human beings, regardless of race, religion and color?

Prosecutors & new lies

October 4, 2010 3 comments

Secrecy and concealment of facts is not acceptable. Such petty behavior does not match the principles of fair-play and justice. After passing of around five months, the prosecutors have come up with new lies and are trying to carve new stories.

A realization and acceptance of faults does not make anyone small. This is exactly what the authorities need to do. We do not have to repeat Saif’s innocence as the whole Chilean nation stands with him. It is simply unacceptable that Saif and his family have to go through this entire trauma. His right to live with dignity has been snatched from him. This indeed is a grave human rights violation. After seeing an innocent person who is helpless, we will advise anyone belonging to our faith or our nationality to avoid coming to Chile, be it for tourism or education. We have no doubt now that the Chilean authorities do not respect the principles of truth, justice and equality.

Photo: Francisco Eagle Emol

Today, the tribunal extended the time for investigations by 60 more days! The prosecutors demanded 90 days extension, but judge Carolina Araya extended the investigation period to 60 days and has allowed Saif to travel freely inside Chile. Earlier Saif was not allowed to leave the Santiago area. Despite these arguments, the public criminal defender Gabriel Carrión opposed the request noting that most of the data submitted by the prosecution were already known and significant time had already been taken to “investigate”. Carrion also added that the measure has already affected freedom of Saif Khan and his parents.


After five months investigating the allegations by the US Embassy in Chile that Muhamed Saif ur Rehman Khan had alleged traces of tetryl on him when he went to the US Embassy on May 10, the prosecutor has not been able to produce one shred of evidence that Saif violated any law.  To appeal in the court against him by the prosecutors is a travesty of justice.

In fact, even the charges themselves have no substance.  Saif, a Pakistani citizen in Chile with a student visa, was summoned to the U.S. Embassy on May 07th by an embassy employee.  When Saif entered the embassy, his papers and cell phone were taken from his possession.  The alleged traces of tetryl that were supposedly found on him were in fact only found on the items taken from him (handled by the US embassy staff) and not on Saif or his clothing, according the Chilean police, who were called to the scene.

The other supposed “evidence” was obtained after three PDI detectives entered Saif’s apartment without a warrant while Saif was detained in the US Embassy.  These Chilean police agents were later reported to be following orders of the US Embassy, not of their police superiors.

In addition to the fact that traces (not significant quantities, but simply traces) were only allegedly found on items not in Saif’s possession, the fact is that no crime was committed.  Chilean law forbids possession of explosives, not contamination by “traces” of tetryl.  As the public defender Gabriel Carrion has said, not only is Saif not guilty, but in fact there was no crime.

Saif should be fully exonerated at this point.  To allow the prosecutor additional time to “build his case” is a travesty of justice. When a person is innocent, as Saif is, it is impossible to find evidence, no matter how much time is granted.  Saif has been detained for six days shy of five months.  This is a grave injustice.  It has been an extreme hardship on him and his family, especially his parents who traveled to Chile to support him through this ordeal.

Even the kindness and support of the Chilean people cannot make up for the six months of freedom taken from Saif, and the damage done to his reputation by false accusations.  It is time for the Chilean people to stand up to their government.  It is time for the international community to take notice and demand Saif’s freedom and complete exoneration.

Showdown – Truth versus falsehood

October 4, 2010 Leave a comment

While the members of coalition of support of Saif Khan and millions around the world wait anxiously for justice, the opponents make a shameless final attempt to save themselves from humiliation, thus falling to a new low. Popular newspapers in Chile report a latest lie from the prosecutors about innocent Saif Khan. What is amazing is that such ridiculous propaganda only exposes the opponents and humiliates them further. It is also amazing that opponents are shameless creatures that have fallen below levels of human dignity. In  fact, we do not even consider paying attention to their lies anymore. They are only harming their own diminished credibility.

We are very hopeful that truth will prevail today in-sha-Allah and have faith in the Chilean justice system which has already given several judgments in favor of Saif. Today, the court is expected to give a decision as prosecutors brazenly ask for more time. 180 million Pakistanis and well wishers around the world supporting Saif Khan hope and pray for his dignified return to his country. Truth is very evident regarding Saif’s innocence. It is very evident that the opponents are desperate for a face-saving at the immense humiliation caused through their own injustice against an innocent student.

Earlier, Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesman Abdul Basit, speaking to Dawn News said that there are “gaps” in the case against Saif Khan and that they are closely watching the situation. We are hopeful for an end to this drama and an end to Islamophobia and anti-Pakistan bias from the opponents.

We reiterate that we are all united and firm in support of Saif Khan!!! Surely and most surely truth always prevails for falsehood is bound to perish.

Court hearing on 4th October

September 24, 2010 2 comments

The court hearing for innocent Saif Khan’s case will be on 4th October, 2010. We respect and have faith in the Chilean justice system and are hopeful for an end to the case. In-sha-Allah (God willing), justice will prevail!

Friends of Saif Khan reiterate their continued support for him and pray for his dignified return to his homeland. We are proud of innocent Saif Khan for standing up against all adversities and being steadfast and resolute.

Members of the coalition for the support of Saif wait till October 4th court hearing in Santiago. In-sha-Allah hoping for the best and persevering in this trying time. Need prayers and support from everyone. The week of October 4th may prove to be decisive, making possible the arrival of Saif and his parents to Pakistan.