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Honor and respect

December 20, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

All praises for the Almighty God who guided Saif, his family and friends in dealing with the immense crisis. Saif is now free to leave Chile as all baseless charges against him were dropped thus proving his innocence. The perseverance, patience and prayers of all those who stood by Saif is highly appreciated.

The immediate family of Saif Khan thank the entire team of the coalition for the support of Saif, his well wishers, friends, people who believed in humanity and justice, and the brave people of Chile. The Chilean media also deserves the highest praise for its positive role in bringing out the truth about Saif’s innocence.

The case proves the fact that no power on earth can stand its ground if it is wrong and unjust. Truth ultimately prevails, as it did for Saif Khan. This entire case also signifies that no compromise on honour, justice and respect will ever be acceptable. For many these word may be meaningless, but it must be remembered that when one is right, truthful and law-abiding, there is no need to fear those who commit injustice. Surely lies never stand a chance and the unjust get exposed sooner or later. Alhamdulilah!

The prevalence of truth is a victory for justice everywhere. It shows that there still is hope and a free media, democracy and a living nation can help achieve the seemingly impossible. Lastly, we reiterate the immense support and hospitality of the Chilean people. The family of Saif now anxiously await his arrival in Pakistan.

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