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Truth finally wins!

December 6, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Today came to a close the seven month long case and wait for justice. The clouds of uncertainty, anguish, anxiety and tension finally faded and truth of Saif’s innocence prevailed. The accusers had alleged the most despicable and ludicrous claims against the Pakistani student Saif Khan who was studying in Chile. The prosecutors having found nothing against Saif and wasting seven months of his life, dropped the charges against Saif. At the conslusion of this debacle, Saif Khan asked the authorities who engaged in this grave injustice to have a “strong heart to admit they were wrong”.

Today is indeed a day of victory of justice and truth not only for Saif but also for the people of Chile who expressed their complete faith and trust in Saif from the very first day. Today is a day of thanks to the Almighty God and all those who supported Saif during this time. Saif (and his family and supporters) would also like to thank his former public defender Mr. Gabriel Carrión. Saif reiterated the fact that Mr. Gabriel Carrion “worked very hard for me and I’m really grateful for that”.

Fourth Court Judge of Santiago, Jorge Norambuena, granted the request of not persevere by the prosecution and ordered the cancellation of registration of charges and injunctions against the Pakistani national Mohammed Saif Ur Rehman, who was held on Monday 10 May, based on false accusations at the U.S. embassy in Chile. Earlier on 15 May, the Attorney formalized investigation against Mohammed Saif Ur Rehman on charges of violation of the law of arms control. “As power of Attorney General and having heard the complainant and the defense, it is remembered and communicated the decision not to persevere in the proceedings, as provided in Article 248 C of the Code of Criminal Procedure, consistent with this, it supersedes the execution (…), as well as precautionary measures were imposed on the accused, “Judge Jorge Norambuena established.

It was the end of seven months of uncertainty for foreign students, arrested on 10 May after being accused of carrying traces of explosives on their belongings while inside the U.S. embassy. Saif further said, “I want my honor back. They ruined my life,” and he questioned why the authorities accused him of being a “terrorist”, thus lying and playing “a political game”? Saif also added that, “please do not to link terrorism with Islam. No religion teaches bad things. Please do not use religion for political gains”.

Saif also reiterated his desire to be able to live with a peace of mind and “have a family here and live like a normal person in Chile”. The case is closed, but the accusers have not apologized for their blunders. Saif’s wife Lorena Cotroneo said that “At the moment Saif needs a verdict of complete innocence”. She added that although the charges against Saif have been dropped, by not declaring his complete innocence they (accusers) “ultimately leave Saif in a position of being an eternal suspect, which is totally against human and moral codes”.

After coming out of the court, Saif said, “I am very happy. I’d like to celebrate. They made a mistake and I was investigated for seven months for nothing. What was my crime in Chile?… Nothing. I did not commit any crime!” That summed up the mood of Saif Khan at the end of the hearing according to which charges against him have been dropped and investigations against him have been halted.



  1. December 7, 2010 at 2:22 am

    Thats a great and good news – thanks for updating us

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