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Utmost ignominy yet no act of contrition

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Are they so inhuman that they fail to realize or deliberately not confess the enormity of their wrong doings? Has power corrupted them absolutely? Civilized societies expect honesty and rule of law, and trace their civility to the Magna Carta in which nobody (including the authorities) is above the law. Laws are for the betterment and protection of people, not their exploitation. There is no place for misusing authority which is a sacred trust of the people expressed through their votes. The Chilean nation is indeed in a state of shock at the seven month long drama they witnessed orchestrated by key figures in authority. The perpetrators of injustice against an innocent student are now fully exposed due to their own deeds. On December 1st, 2010, the Chilean prosecutors dropped the charges against innocent Saif. In the information age, nobody is naïve to fall for political statements that do not address the matter. Answering questions by the press, the Interior Minister Rodrigo Hinzpeter said that “all citizens, Chileans and foreigners, must be willing to undergo investigations respectfully”. The so called investigations were from the very first day based on hate and suspicions. They were a mockery of justice! No crime was committed, so what investigations are we talking about? By dodging a major issue of injustice by himself, he is only losing more credibility. No doubt, while the Chilean courts acted with great responsibility, the authorities who committed injustice by violating the principle of innocent until proven otherwise, behaved in the most negative way.

An apology is being demanded for the 7 months wait for justice and “investigations” based on baseless charges. The anxiety and mental torture given to Saif and his family; the vile propaganda, invasion of privacy, peace of mind, and strong and false ludicrous allegations do not need further explaining. The world has watched the perpetual injustice that was committed against an innocent student. The alleged presence of alleged chemical residues does not in any way allow anyone to call the innocent student a “terrorist” by the interior minister of Chile. Such behavior all along is condemnable in the highest words. Saif’s respect and dignity is equally important as any other law-abiding citizen.

On December 4th 2010, Mr. Sergio Ojeda, a member of the Human Rights Committee of the Chilean parliament called on the government to publicly express its apologies to the Pakistani national Mohammed Saif Ur Rehman Khan. The legislator said the Pakistani was prosecuted for possession of explosives, subjected to a wrongful arrest and prosecution surrounded by a great spectacle, causing public alarm , thus transforming the image of a simple foreign student to a dangerous “terrorist and extremist”, which obviously turned out to be absolutely false. Mr. Ojeda said that the incident is a huge moral damage and in the spirit of magnanimity and acceptance of their mistake the Chilean government should convey to the Pakistani citizen Saif Khan an apology.

On December 2nd 2010, ‎ Chile’s Socialist parliamentarians argued that Saif Khan’s rights were violated and he was charged without solid evidence. Members of the Human Rights Commission of the Chamber of Deputies Fidel Espinoza, Sergio Aguilo and chief bench of PS, Denise Pascal, requested that it is necessary to clarify what led to such an error in having the investigations against Saif Khan. Mr. Fidel Espionaza stated that, “we only ask that the Government should give a public apology for the humiliating treatment that was subjected to Muhammad Saif Ur Rehman. And on behalf of the Chileans I apologize for the arrogance of the Minister of the Interior; with a hint of arrogance, he was denying an obvious error and  that the person was  arrested without merit”. Earlier, Senator Alajendro navarro also showed complete solidarity with Saif Khan and questioned the entire investigation process. Such calls for apology are in addition to the thousands of comments received on the ReleaseSaif Facebook page supporting Saif and condemning the manifest injustice committed against him.

The fact of the matter is, that the unjust person who talked against innocent Saif, must apologize to the Chilean nation for disgracing and misinforming them. Not only have key personnel in authority have overstepped their boundaries but also wasted and squandered the tax money of the Chilean nation by pursuing baseless “investigations” in this case in many parts of the world. It is because of this reason that a wide section of the Chilean civil society and now the parliamentarians and senators have stepped in demanding an apology from the serving Chilean interior minister. It is often forgotten that an apology would not lower the stature of a person but give the person a chance to set right what he himself set wrong.

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