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“I have suffered a lot!”

December 2, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

“I have suffered a lot! My family has suffered a lot”. These were the words of Saif Khan as he spoke exclusively to TVN on December 01, 2010.  Saif lamented the fact that the case was dragged for 7 months. Enough injustice has been done! In his interview to media, Saif also said that, “yes I am happy that it is going in the right direction..” However, justice still remains to be done. He added that,  “what has happened against me cannot be undone. I want to be declared innocent; I do not want just the charges to be dropped, I want them (the prosecutors) to say I’m innocent so I can continue my life peacefully”.

Saif Khan also said that no innocent person should ever go through what he and his family have experienced. What did the accusers achieve by not only stigmatizing and defaming an innocent person but an entire community? There are many questions that remain unanswered! The coalition for the support of Saif stands strong with Saif Khan and demand a formal apology from the accusers who have caused immense damage to him emotionally and physically. When he was detained by the Chilean authorities in May, he was mistreated as a criminal, not given food or water and held in solitary confinement. Laws of countries cannot be allowed to be misused against law abiding innocent individuals.

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