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205 days of uproar and mental torture

December 2, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

After 205 days of uproar, which included custody, investigations in different parts of the world and inquiries from friends and family, the regional prosecutor of the Southern Zone, Alejandro Peña, along with attorney Paul Sabaj, requested a hearing to not persevere against Muhammad Saif Ur Rehman Khan. Saif, a Pakistani student was summoned to the U.S. Embassy Santiago for a “consular issue” and arrested for having alleged traces of a chemical on 10th May, 2010. One might ask, what was Saif’s crime? The answer: NONE!

To add to the injustice, interior minister of Chile Rodrigo Hinzpeter had said in May: “If this person actually had traces of TNT on his clothes, in this case it means that…..it is a very powerful indication that he was involved or participated in a crime of terrorism”. Such were the irresponsible words from the person at the helm of affairs in Chile. However, the Chilean courts proved their impartiality and Judge Jorge Norambuena, not only declared Saif free but also ruled that by saying that Saif had any ties to terrorist groups because of his nationality could mean an act of religious discrimination.

Speaking to media on 2nd December, 2010, Saif reiterated that, “I just want to be declared innocent, I do not just want the charges to be removed. I’m innocent and want to continue my life”. Saif also reminded what he had been through happened: “Every day was very difficult for me and every second was like mental torture. I was related to certain people  in the media whom I don’t know. Life was difficult for me, sometimes I could not eat, sometimes I could not sleep. Me and my family have suffered greatly”.

In the same interview Saif  had words for the actions of the authorities linked him to terrorist acts. “In my opinion everyone is innocent until proven guilty and to declare someone as a terrorist is something serious and authority should be responsible for that”. he said.

Attorney Alejandro Pena, who led the investigation, told El Mercurio newspaper, “This is a closed case until new facts that permit to reopen the investigation.” Saif’s public defender Gabriel Carrion said: “It was time to end this national shame”. Pakistani ambassador Burhan-ul-Islam said he always trusted the Chilean courts.

The coalition for the support of Saif Khan thank the Chilean nation and well wishers and supporters around the world for their trust in the innocence of Saif. We thank all for their continued support to Saif and his family. VIVA PUEBLO CHILE!

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