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Canons of fair play

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Blessed are those that have defined themselves through the qualities of justice, righteousness and fair-play. Since the unfortunate day of May 10th, 2010 “investigations” regarding false accusations on innocent Saif remain inconclusive. Saif is indeed innocent! Surely justice has not been delayed but denied due to unbalanced and unjust ways of the accusers. The onus is entirely on the accusers in Chile to make up for their injustice. It is also time for life to move. Those watching the case already know and believe the absolute and manifest innocence of Saif.

No crime committed yet injustice against Saif continues

What is amazing is that fact that the entire drama was enacted by the accusers based on presumption and without any proof, as no crime was ever committed on the part of the accused. Building an entire false story simply on some traces of chemical residue is what demands the attention of human rights organizations. If a crime has been committed, it is from the side of accusers who tried their best to defame an innocent young student who was in Chile to study, encouraged by a Chilean representative (Catalina Alliende) to proceed to Chile. Nothing can bring back the lost time and the happiness forgone in the life of innocent Saif who simply wants to live in peace and lead a normal life.

Abuse of Power

It is the abuse of power, and a compromise on the canons of fair play by the accusers that becomes an issue to reckon with. For much too long, restraint has been shown, giving benefit of doubt and a chance of face-saving to the perpetrators of this grave injustice against Saif and his family. Instead of salvaging their lost credibility, the accuser’s vile propaganda based on silly things continues. So much is the absurdity of the claims that one wonders, have the accusers lost all sanity? Mistaken are those who spend millions in tax-payers money of citizens of Chile, touring other countries to prove their “efficiency” and “diligence” through “investigations” that are nothing short of a joke. They fail to realize that citizens and masses are not easily fooled by their futile efforts to malign innocents.

It is a tragedy that the accusers in Saif’s case have not only made a mockery of justice but also made fun of the intellect of the Chilean nation. Images of Saif that were earlier circulated in the media, taken out of context to launch a vile propaganda campaign, have not dented Saif’s credibility even a bit. Neither it is a crime to have good time with friends nor holding something that has legal authorization. Besides, that has no relation with the incident that happened in Chile for which Saif was falsely accused. Such tactics do not worry those who stand on the basis of truth. They only prove the intellectual level of those who continue and press on with their inhumane and indecent ways.

Injsutice must stop

No one should underestimate the resolve, strength and perseverance of Saif, his family and millions of admirers, and supporters. Members of the coalition of the support of Saif have repeatedly expressed their desire to be non-confrontational in terms of legal response. Six months have already passed and there is no room left to further test the patience of a peace loving and law-abiding person who continues to stand for justice. There are limits to everything and legal restraint must not be mistaken for anything else. This injustice must stop as options remain open to fully expose the unjust in the court of law.

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