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120 days investigation period is over!

September 13, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Photos taken by police officials of the PDI when they illegally entered the house of Saif Khan without judicial authorization (El Mercurio)

The investigation period of 120 days as requested by the opponents and granted by the court now stands over on Sunday, September 12th. The opponents failed to bring anything and in fact wasted everyone’s time. It is notable that recently photographs were released in the media of some men who entered Saif Khan’s apartment illegally at the same time he was inside the US embassy Santiago on May 10th, 2010. What were doing inside his apartment? They were there at who’s behest? Was this how innocent Saif Khan was framed? What is the role of the officials of the US embassy Santiago who started this whole drama?

The prosecution is investigating the role that police had played as three PDI members were seen active in the home of Saif Khan minutes before the raids were initiated in which they would have found “traces” of a substance called tetryl. At about 17:10 hours, the special police who were stationed outside the house, noticed that these three persons arrived in a vehicle, and entered the house of Khan, staying inside for 20 minutes. At that time, the police did not know who were these people, as they were not wearing badges. nor uniform. It was later discovered they were officials of the PDI, and the license plate of the car that arrived was of the institution and apparently without any prior court order. Who sent them there? What were they doing there?. It is still a mystery!

The truth is that their presence in the apartment of Saif Khan even before the raids were started (about 19 hours) in which a specialized police unit allegedly detected some substance, which surely casts doubt on the “evidence” found against Saif Khan. So while this was done in the apartment of Saif Khan as he was in the US embassy, the other piece of the  “evidence”, i.e. detection of traces of some chemicals inside the US embassy also stands nullified. The US embassy has simply refused to talk about this nor testify in court behind diplomatic immunity.

The whole case is so full of contradictions and lies. Remember in the initial days when this started, how the opponents said one lie after another. Such brazen acts of injustice were openly carried our against an innocent student because of his nationality and religion.

  1. Mahmood
    September 16, 2010 at 11:06 am

    Truth needs no advocates to plead on its behalf, truth triumphs because its truth !
    Saif has been framed and time has proved it (more than 120 days). Not only should they clear Saif of all false accusations, they need to publicly apologize to Saif and his family, compensate financially for all the defamation and mental stress. Words cannot do justice to the amount of stress and mental torture Saif and his family have gone through. Again, I (we) stand by Saif and his family and wish them well.

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