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Truth is clear!

Some facts about Saif Khan’s case.

  • Contrary to the malicious campaign launched over the weeks regarding Saif Khan having traces of residues of some explosive tetryl on him, it has been proven that there were no traces of any such substance on his hands, skin and clothes. Otherwise it would have caused dermatitis disease.
  • Saif Khan’s cell phone and educational documents which allegedly had traces of a potentially harmful substance were confiscated  inside the US embassy . Facts speak for themselves, and if Saif’s hands had no traces of residue of tetryl, how did they come on his cell phone and documents?! They were obviously not handled by Saif Khan. Truth is quite evident!

  • The prosecutors in Chile did not file an appeal against Saif Khan in the court last week. Instead, the Chilean Interior Minister Rodrigo Hinzpeter filed an appeal against Saif’s freedom, which was rightly rejected by the court.
  • Even with all the negative campaign to malign Saif continuing, the Chilean people stand firm with innocent Saif. There are many contradictions in this case from the opponents.
  1. Steve
    June 13, 2010 at 7:02 am

    I believe that justice must proactively respond now and swiftly move towards dropping these false and baseless charges. Appealing over and over again against Saif’s freedom with out having any logical and authentic proof is not only waste of time for honorable courts but is clearing pushing opponent’s position way too awkward in public.
    Social and civil communities in todays world are wise enough to differentiate between evil and innocent. The scenario mentioned above is a fact and has been documented during this judicial process.
    After these facts, I see no reasons for opponents to push government establishments to continue their absurd and unacceptable campaign against Saif. Instead, they should set their act right by pointing their efforts in to the right direction of investigation. Else, they have no right to continue with this case and every baseless charge should be removed immediately and taken back with apologies.
    World today is matured enough to understand such frame-ups and raise their voice against such open brutality and discrimination.

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