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June 02, 2010 – Saif’s saludos

“Hola and Peace be upon you all.

I thank all the brave people of conscience who have sided with truth and justice making it possible for me to communicate with you today.

The last three weeks have been a torment for me and my family. Not only has my life been devastated, but my elderly parents have lost their peace in this stage of their lives.

I ask you to put your son or daughter in my place. How would you feel if an innocent member of your family were suddenly thrown into the prison without a reason? There are no words to describe the torment I have been through. I am indebted to my family and friends for their love and affection to me. Above all, I am indebted to the hundreds of Chileans who have followed the family blog site and facebook pages to prove my innocence to the world. Truly, next to God, it was your steadfastness and your trust and the resulting bond you built with me, that stood up to unfounded charges that were leveled against me.  I worry that today it was me but tomorrow it could be you or your son or daughter who can be wrongly accused.

I thank my defense lawyer Mr. Gabriel Carrión and his team. I am thankful for the Chilean hospitality and all those who have supported my parents upon their arrival. I thank all the people from around the world who have stayed the course with me and my family in pursuit of justice.

In case you have not seen a video of mine narrating the events that happened preceding my arrest, I urge you to check out my family blog – https://innocentsaif.wordpress.com/.

I reiterate the fact that my family and I have no political motives. I do not have any link with any extremist organizations anywhere. The people who create terror in the society are not humans but animals. I have no relationship with such animals. I am a peace loving person who just wants to lead a normal life.

Thanks to hundreds of new Chilean friends I have made in the last three weeks.”

  1. sher ullah
    June 2, 2010 at 3:16 pm

    Great brother.

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