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“They had my mother crying and my family stressed … What for?”

01 June 2010, Muhammad Saif ur Rehman Khan was released from the high security detention center in Santiago. The judge of the Fourth Court of Guarantee Santiago, Jorge Norambuena ruled against his detention and set him free. The judge further added that linking Saif with any negative religious groups “could be an act of discrimination that violates international law.”

The family commends the efforts of the public criminal defense lawyer, Gabriel Carrión who delivered two new records on the case. The first corresponds to an expert report indicating that the tetryl contact with skin causes dermatitis, which has not happened with his client.

The second, more important, is that according to a police document, it can be concluded that neither Saif’s hands nor his clothes had traces, evidence, or any particle of tetryl or TNT. ” http://radio.uchile.cl/noticias/69446/

Today was a day when Saif was rightly released! We expect that all baseless charges against him will be dropped and Saif will be allowed to live in peace and respect that he deserves.

Upon being released, Saif was quickly surrounded by media who were anxious to interview him outside the detention center. Saif a brave person of quiet and thoughtful behavior, merely asked questions to the press in a composed manner: “What was the goal? What was the purpose? Just to give a bad name to Muslims? They had my mother crying and my family stressed … What for? “.

These questions resonate with the feelings of Saif’s family who have been through immense pain and grief over the last few weeks. Why was Saif made a victim and what purpose did all this achieve? We do not want to engage in any politics nor do Saif and his family have any ill-feelings towards anyone. Our family values are ingrained in love and respect for humanity.

Saif’s family is overwhelmed by the support they received from the Chileans, the Pakistanis and all freedom lovers. We can never thank enough the outstanding support from the Chilean people. On the family blog, the Facebook pages, thousands of supporters expressed their support in words, while millions supported Saif and his family with prayers.

Instead of appealing against his release for a second time, it is about time that this whole case comes to a close; and the opponents realize the mistake they have made by blaming an innocent person.

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