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No more baseless arguments…Hope sanity prevails tomorrow!!!

No más argumentos sin fundamento … Espero que la cordura prevalezca mañana!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, 01st of June, 2010, there will be an important hearing that will set the final pattern of the case and hopefully set Saif free. We hope for the best and that he will come out and live as a normal human being. Saif deserves all the best in life as many see him as a role model of good character and courage to stand up to the truth without any consideration for how big the opponent is. No lies or false accusations can shatter the confidence of his family, friends and the people of Chile.

Let’s recap some points related to the last hearing that resulted in revoking of Saif’s bail.

Saif’s freedom had been revoked by considering the following petty arguments that were presumably accepted;

  1. Saif does not demonstrate enough social  roots in Chile
  2. There could not be any logical reason established for Saif to be here in Chile

In conclusion of these two illogical arguments, Saif declared to be a ’danger to society’ and has been put behind bars.

Above arguments were presented to court just as a delaying tactic and have no basis. There can be thousand of words written against these arguments having undeniable absolute proofs and logical reasoning.

For tomorrow’s hearing, we expect that no baseless and ridiculous arguments will be passed to honorary courts. Such arguments have already caused enough humiliation to the beautiful image of Chile. Chile is a bastion of stability and peace in South America. It does not suit a country of Chile’s stature to detain an innocent person without any proof and create lies against him.

Up till now there has not been a single authentic proof supplied to back these allegation or any alleged activites that could possibly become suspicious for any investigating authority. His past and present is clear and thousands testify to that.

Tomorrow’s decision will also prove to be a milestone in determining the freedom of actions and policies that have been obviously under pressure from outside.

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