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May 28 – Parent’s Statement for the press after meeting their son

Picture Courtesy: Terra

Parents of Saif Khan gave a statement to the media after meeting their son Saif in the maximum security detention center.

“We are grateful to the goverment of chile for authorizing issuance of visa to me and my wife to travel to chile, a beautiful country, to meet our son Saif ur Rehman who is in detention and faces allegations. We carry a message of love and friendship from the people of Pakistan. Our son is innocent! Saif has always been calm, sympathetic, and a peace loving boy who looked for opportunities to help people. He never believed in violence . In fact, he always condemned violence.

We belong to a middle class family where the family bond is very strong. For us, love and respect for parents, relatives, and neighbours matter a lot. As old parents, we have traveled a log distance to meet our son and appeal to the government and President of Chile to release Saif. We believe that the charges against him have no basis.

We have full trust and confidence in fair judicial system of Chile. Saif´s old mother is deeply shocked and distressed at the treatment meted out to him for alleged crime which he never committed; nor could he conceive. Saif does not maintain a good health, he needs extra care and medical attention. The process he is currently facing is likely to cause enormous mental and physical stress. He has a long future ahead of him.

We would like to offer our assistance and cooperation in the investigation of charges against Saif so that the case against him could promptly. We appeal to the Chilean people to be compassionate and understand our pain. If granted audience, we would like to meet the leadership of Chile to appeal for release of saif so we can travel back to Pakistan with us.

Long Live Pakistan Chile friendship!”

Santiago, 28 may 2010

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