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Mother and father come to Chile to get their son — Madre y padre venir a Chile para llegar a su hijo

Family’s statement for the Press

May 27, 2010: Saif Ur Rehman’s father (Mahmood Ahmed Khan- hospital electro-medical engineer) accompanied by his wife arrived at Santiago.  The arrival of the parents of young Pakistani (who is widely considered to be mistakenly accused) has been extensively brought under media converge.

Saif’s family is grateful to the Chilean media and people for their support in seeking truth and justice.  We have been helped and guided by Pakistani officials in Chile and we appreciate their help, especially Mr. Burhan ul Islam (Ambassador of Pakistan). We are overwhelmed by Senetor Navaro’s assistance and his facilitation of the visa process. His firm belief of upholding the truth and fighting for justice is admirable.

We expect that justice will be done and our Saif will be set free of all baseless charges. We also urge that prosecutor should side with truth, reason and justice.  “A person is innocent unless proven otherwise”, and we strongly believe in these universal principles.  Saif is innocent; we have no doubt in this. Saif’s parents are not here to represent frictions amongst governments. We have no relation with the politics of power or politics of religion. We all are striving to make sure that truth wins over falsehood.

We will adopt every possible legal and diplomatic measure to make sure that, with all his dignity, Saif gets his freedom back.

We also also reiterate the fact that a person (Saif) who helped in the relief efforts after the earthquake in Chile, cannot be against anyone and has nothing to do with any false allegations laid against him.

Saif’s mother says that only a mother can understand her pain.

The family of Saif prays and hopes that this nightmare is over sooner than later and that Saif is released and allowed to live a normal life that any person deserves.

We request all Chilean to stand by truth and justice in this time of need, and let the world know that the “justice may be blind, but it can see through the dark”.


  1. Atiq
    May 27, 2010 at 9:04 pm

    IA, truth will prevail.

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