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Injustices Continue! La injusticia continúa!

It is shameful that such baseless accusations were made against Saif and that he was detained in the high security prison again.
We ask the conscience of those responsible for this nightmare, how can you continue detaining an innocent person? Do those who speak against him have no shame?  Saif is absolutely innocent ! His health has deteriorated considerably and Saif’s family is devastated.
We believe that Chilean people will stand for justice and speak against such wrongdoing. Saif always praised the brave people of Chile and we are sure Chileans will speak out for what is right.
Authorities alleged that TNT residues were found on Saif’s belongings. Eventually on May 22, 2010 Saif declared to be ‘Danger to Society’ and sent to prison again. What danger to society? Society is a community where Saif lived, worked, studied and interacted with other people. Every single person of his society has a positive relationship with Saif and considers Saif as an innocent person who has been deprived of his freedom unjustly. A person who is peace loving can never be a danger. Saif helped the people of Chile after the earthquake. Calling Saif a danger for society is an injustice in itself!
  1. Hirose
    May 31, 2010 at 8:43 am

    people unaffected by Saif’s detention need to ask themselves, What if it were your innocent son, brother, friend or loved one being held unjustly? WHAT WOULD YOU DO? better yet, WOULD YOU NOT WANT PEOPLE TO RAISE THEIR VOICE AGAINST THE INJUSTICE? desensitizing yourself to the pain of others takes away a part of your humanity. remember YOUR indifference can make all the DIFFERENCE in saving someone’s life!

  2. shafqat
    May 24, 2010 at 11:00 pm

    i have a great believe that chliean people will raise the voice against this brutaltity on the charge against the saif which is baseless.
    it is not a crime to be muslim………….
    we see chilean people to launch a great protest against this barbarian act of chie govt on behest of america .

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