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Justice Delayed- Saif ‘s Freedom Revoked by court

Peace loving Saif himself walks to the court after hearing the decision and is escorted to the detention center.

The period of chaos and confusion for Saif Ur Rehman, his family & friends and all peace loving people is not over. Unjustly, Saif is in detention again. Freedom of an innocent who has been widely regarded as a peaceful person, a student and a tourist has been revoked again.

Saif has lost considerable weight and his health has been very negatively affected. His lawyer added that “he is losing weight because he is not feeling and eating well since last two weeks”.

Yet we stand by our beloved Saif and strongly believe that justice may be delayed, but it cannot be denied. The reason of this solid faith is Saif’s character and life itself, his friends and social circle and above all our conviction in God.

It’s been more two weeks now that this nightmare started.

Let’s go through the following event updates and set them together.  We still hope that the Chilean justice system would deliver justice.

  1. Saif was called to the US embassy after which the whole episode started. He was detained for 5 days under Anti Terrorism laws without any proof simply on the pretext that he had traces of explosive particles on him.
  2. Later he was relieved of any terrorism related charges. During this entire time, there has been a veil of secrecy in the case as the other side has not brought forward any evidence that would allow for holding Saif in detention.
  3. There are clear contradictions in whether traces of any explosive substance were found in the first place. The Chilean police are of the view that no traces were found on any of Saif’s belonging, whereas the special police was able to find traces of something. As mentioned in a prominent newspaper, “Directorate of the Carabineros (Dipolcar) found no traces of explosives in the belongings of the young Pakistani Muhammad Saif Ur Rehman Khan (28), but so did the group Special Police Operations (BEPGs) of the institution.” (LaNacion, May 18th, 2010)
  4. To our knowledge no other evidence has been found and there appears to be an effort to make him guilty by association with un-named parties.
  5. Senator and human rights activist Navarro announced it will investigate this situation, because the report of the security team at the embassy could not be ratified by the Chilean police.” (LaNacion, May 18th, 2010)
  6. In the wake of an unfair prosecution and detention Saif’s parents were desperately needed to unite to their son in Chile. Foreign ministry showed considerable hesitation in issuing visas; however visas have been issued later with the delay of 7 days.
  7. The prosecutor appealed and now innocent Saif has been jailed again. Till when will this mental torture continue?

Some points to consider again:

  • Why was he called to the US embassy in such an unprofessional manner?  Saif had traveled to Chile via the United States and was there for about a month. Why he was not apprehended and questioned if there were any concerns from the US authorities?
  • Why was he made to sit in a room in the embassy and later locked up?
  • Why are all the court hearings taking place in secrecy without the media?
  1. Aqeel Hafeez
    May 22, 2010 at 3:46 pm

    This is totally wrong way of justice. This is the proof of “Might is Right”. Judiciary is ment to give justice & peace in the community. But in all such cases due to political preferences they are giving tension & agony to the community.

    Every moment every second will pass & vanish. Things left behind will be only the good or bad deeds of everyone. Today their machines have smelled the traces of some chemicals which no one else could see. So he is convicted & put behind the bar. Tomorrow you will accuse all innocent citizens because they have seen something in their dreams & your machines have detected their dreams. Come on… Stop being so ill logical & nasty.

    USA has made the movie “AVATAR”. That is the true reflection of USA authorities who are so much power & money hungry. That movie shows the real side of terrorism.

    Plz stop this injustice & live your life in Peace. Already USA have done too much tension & trouble around the world. You will never win the hearts by using cheap & low means.

    Release Mr. Saif ur Rehman & give freedom to the justice!

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