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Latest message from Saif – May 20th

“I repeat, I am absolutely innocent! My family is in anguish and grief. I demand an apology for the distress and grief caused to me and my family.

I was leading a normal life and all of a sudden this nightmare has severely affected my health and the health of my family. I ask of all the justice and truth loving people everywhere, how long will these injustices continue? I have lost precious moments of my life. My loving family has suffered immensely owing to the tremendous injustice done to me and to them.”

  1. Aqeel Hafeez
    May 21, 2010 at 9:52 am

    Sorry my Honourable President Obama; I thought you would be wise but you are also otherwise.

    Christianity, Jewism & Islaam all are good religions teaches good things. We have 95% of common teachings. Why you want us to to stick to the 5% of differences? I suggest just be true & sincere to your own religion & all will be fine.

    You could have used this young brilliant chap Mr.Saif in some constructive way. He might have earned you millions of dollars in Tourism. Which might have brought peace, wealth & happiness to all of us. Plz stop doing this nasty ill justice. It will never make your heart happy.

    I wish & pray to all Mighty Lord to have His Mercy & Guidance for all of us. Aameen. Aqeel Hafeez, Australia

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