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Formal statement of Saif’s family

People of both Chile and Pakistan are stunned since the last 7 days after the dramatic arrest of Muhammad Saif Ur Rehman Khan.  The young Pakistani national – Saif Khan aged (28) had been detained in the US Embassy after he had a short discussions about his personal information and his 5 years valid US multiple visa he obtained last year. Saif went to the US embassy in Santiago over an invitation from the US Embassy personnel on May12th after consulting with Pakistani envoy in Chile and the director of his educational institute (eFronteres) where he studied.

Saif Ur Rehman has now been detained in a maximum security prison even without having found evidence or links with any terrorist group or any extremist political and religious party which could potentially make Chilean authorities inclined towards charging him under anti terror laws. Having residue on clothes, cell phone and documents is a potential investigation scenario but surely it does not convict the suspect with terrorist charges.

We, as Saif family and as Pakistani nation urge the people of Chile, the Chilean government and all legal and social sectors of Chile to come forward in this time of great distress and help the cause of saving a poor young man who has a peaceful, loving, educated and respectful personality as described by his fellows in Chile, United Sated, United Kingdom and Pakistan.

The case is in Chilean justice system and we express our trust and hope that Chilean authorities would hold up their values of justice, impartiality and humanity. As a family of an innocent young man, at this same time we do recognize the need of stressing upon the Chilean government that they have to come up with the standards of justice and humanity that they any system of justice should be known for.

We have an absolute trust that Saif is innocent. This trust comes from number of factors which needs to be considered cautiously.  Saif does not fit in to the image of a terrorist at all. His personality and that of his family is all open to the world. His thoughts, the life style Saif he has and his actions are utterly contrary to what a terrorist or a troublesome person has. The proof of this can be seen on the blog set up by his family at https://innocentsaif.wordpress.com/

The trust factor of his innocence grows in confidence when Chileans and US authorities after passing 7 days could not establish any link with any of terror or religious extremist societies and groups.  The point of Saif being a Muslim and attending the Friday prayer gathering weekly or visiting a religious event once in life time does not make him suspect by any means.

The single point of investigation of having some residue of TNT on his belonging cannot establish any legal ground which can eventually make Saif a convict under terrorism laws of any country. The research shows that any person can have such residue in today’s contaminated cities such as Santiago that already suffered a major earthquake and is in some process of rebuilding. This alleged TNT residue on Saif’s belonging does not have any history as Saif has already travelled to US passing through tight checks and security scanners.

In conclusion, we would request Chilean authorizes to stay unbiased and help the truth to prevail. Currently, Saif is being held without being legally charged. The fact that Saif suffers with Irritative Bowel Syndrome (IBS) disease makes this matter very perturbing. This situation maligns the whole investigation and leaves an unfair impact over the investigation process veiled with secrecy.  We also demand that visa should be issued urgently to family of Saif who are desperate to meet their son who had spent more than 7 days in person without talking to them even once.

We believe that any effort of the Chilean Media in helping this cause would bring the nations of both the countries closer fostering the mutual trust and respect in the comity of nations.

  1. Mahmood
    May 15, 2010 at 7:19 pm

    Our prayers and support are with the Saif and his family at this difficult time. I humbly request the authorities to help Saif’s parents to travel to Chile and meet their son. I also hope that the investigation process is completed soon and Saif is proven innocent (as he is!) and released soon.

  2. Christian
    May 15, 2010 at 7:01 pm

    I’m from Chile and I believe Saif is innocent, I think this just U.S. paranoia and nothing more… I hope he’ll get his freedom quickly. Justice must prevail….

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