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Release Saif Now! ——————- Dale libertad a Saif ja!!!

Please release Saif now. We request all those who believe in humanity and the human rights organizations to push for his release. This seems to be his latest image on May 14, 2010. Saif Khan does not seem to have good health and already had IBS (irritative bowel syndrome). We are extremely worried about his health condition that is being negatively affected by his detention. Saif is innocent and this matter must be investigated as early as possible so that he could be released.


Dale libertad a Saif ja!!! Pedimos a todos los que creen en la humanidad y las organizaciones de derechos humanos para presionar por su liberación. Este parece ser su última imagen el 14 de mayo de 2010. Saif Khan no parece gozar de buena salud y que ya tenía síndrome del intestino irritable (síndrome del intestino irritativos). Estamos muy preocupados por su estado de salud que está siendo afectado negativamente por su detención.Saif es inocente y esta cuestión debe ser investigada lo antes posible para que él pudiera ser puesto en libertad.

(Image obtained from http://www.latercera.com/contenido/680_259481_9.shtml)


Latest on May 14th (translated from Spanish)

For this Saturday at 15 hours was set the formalization of young Pakistani Mohammed Saif Ur Rehman, arrested on Monday after traces of explosives encontrársele to enter the U.S. embassy in Santiago.

The new date was established at the hearing this afternoon in the Fourth Court of Guarantee of Santiago, which was performed under total reserve and without a press, after the F iscalía East requested the secrecy of the investigation.

“This is not a hearing to discuss the merits of the case but the situation surrounding the extension of detention of the person in that condition. In this situation, which has been resolved, following the proposal of the Prosecutor is under discussion as an audience as it either, the formalization of this person tomorrow at 15:00 (am), “said Regional Attorney West, Xavier Armendariz

The hearing was originally scheduled for Sunday , but was brought forward at the request of foreign public defender, Gabriel Carrión.

“The detention has been reduced and has scheduled a hearing on Saturday at 15:00 am in the same court and as such has said that the Public Ministry and reads the final paragraph of Article 11 of the Terrorism Act, tomorrow my client will be formalized (…) the claim that it was as a defense in this case as a criminal public defender has been embraced by the court and the Attorney General has reported that formalized tomorrow. Therefore, everything that is aired For Sunday has been terminated, “he added.

With regard to the offense for which will be formalized the young Pakistani , Carrion said that “this is a proprietary measure of public prosecutors and him with all the background, will have to attend morning the prosecution, for reporting what the criminal complaint he is doing to my client. ”

With the resolution, Mohammed Saif Ur Rehman will continue at least until tomorrow arrested, although s uma now also a complaint of alleged terrorist acts by the Ministry of Interior.

The Pakistani is being held in the so-called High Security Module, located inside the Maximum Security Prison (CAS).

The detainee was born in Islamabad last January and came to Chile, where a course of tourism, and was now making the practice in a hotel in the Chilean capital.


  1. Hirose
    May 15, 2010 at 11:46 am

    IBS is aggravated in extreme conditions and taking a lot of tension triggers it. only a patient who suffers from this ailment can understand how excruciatingly painful it can get. it is inhumane to make someone innocent suffer so much! i suggest organizations like Amnesty International be involved as Saif’s case is clearly a breach of humanitarian laws.

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