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Lawsuit filed !

Today, a lawsuit was filed against the judge’s illegal decision to detain a person without any proof and charges.

Chilean judge rejects defense for young Pakistani arrested in U.S. embassy http://www.telesurtv.net/noticias/secciones/nota/71816-NN/jueza-chilena–rechaza-amparo-en-favor-de-joven-paquistani-detenido-en-embajada-eeuu/

Chilean Judge Ely Rothfeld, dismissed the writ of amparo filed by the Public Defender of Chile for the young Pakistani Mohamed Saif Ur Rehman, arrested last Monday after he allegedly was detected of residues of explosive material in his possession while conducting formalities at the U.S. Embassy in Santiago, and declared itself incompetent in the case.

According Rothfeld, the case of Pakistan’s 28 years of age must be enforced by the 4th Court of Guarantee of Santiago, where the prosecution gets all the cases of explosives detonated in the past two years. The appeal was brought by the attorney for the Public Defender, Gabriel Carrión, who questioned the application of anti-terrorism legislation (enacted by the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet) to extend his detention for five days without any charges against him.

Carrión called the measure taken by Rothfield as illegal and arbitrary, and said he had requested the immediate release of Pakistani. According to the  appeal under that judge he overstepped  to establish such an extension.After the rejection by the judge he announced his advocacy to introduce a new appeal with the Court of Appeals. “I am innocent, I have never seen any kind of chemical in my life. I have nothing to do with bombs, terrorists, I am educated and hardworking,” said the young Pakistani who is in the Chilean capital to study hotelary.

Mohamed Saif Ur was arrested in the U.S. embassy which was due to correct an error of name on your visa. In the process he found in his belongings alleged waste of an explosive military use, as diplomatic officials sought the intervention of police in Chile for his arrest. Since Tuesday afternoon he has been held in a high security prison in Santiago, although according to officials it is under less stringent conditions than other inmates, authorities stated.

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