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Friends and colleagues in hotel surprised!


A number of people who had contact with the Pakistani (Saif) were surprised by the indictment to be interviewed.

“He is absolutely a gentleman, very correct, like the ancient knights,” said Alex Garcia, head of reception and reservations of EuroHotel, where Khan made a practice of hotels.

García is declared as the person who knows Khan because he worked daily with him for nearly a month, and was also an instructor of Spanish.

Khan was born in Pakistan on August 21, 1982, is the son of a retired doctor and belongs to a middle class family, said Garcia. He arrived in Chile in January with the intention of studying Spanish and hospitality.

“It is not the image of a terrorist. It is a friendly person, very respectful,” he told the AP the owner of the dormitory where he lived, who identified himself only as Gonzalo.

“It was a quiet person who did not speak much because sometimes his Spanish was not very clear. In the kitchen shared with everyone,” he said.

Gonzalo said Khan told him that he lived a few months in the U.S. and that his trip to Chile was motivated by learning Spanish.

Garcia described him as “a very quiet, very correct, educated, speaks about five languages.” He noted that “one who is hotelier knows when another person knows the profession or not and Khan knows it. His dedication to service, very attentive.”

Mohammed Rumi, secretary general of the Islamic community spokesman for the Chilean and As-Salam mosque, said Khan “came every Friday at the mosque, as all Muslims. No one person stood out because of conflict or problem, just the opposite, very quiet, very quiet. He related to everyone, talking to everyone, met his duties and left. ”


  1. Farooq
    May 13, 2010 at 4:03 pm

    It is so annoying to hear that such a nice and brilliant person ( (which i am sure as i know Mr Saif from a very long time ) can be blamed for something like this and detained for no reason. We must express our concern and express freely that Saif is innocent!

  2. Waleed Riaz
    May 13, 2010 at 7:08 am

    this is absolutely horrifying!!!

    disgusted by what is happening around the world and specially against pakistanis!!!!

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